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Protection of plants against harmful organisms has become an indispensable element of modern technologies of intensive agricultural production. Planning and organization of its application across the economy must always be based on reliable information.
To obtain the latest manual vegetable “S-Rostock” has created a laboratory for phytosanitary control cultivation of agricultural crops, which experts analyzed and examined in detail the situation in the sowing or individual plants, ready to give the necessary recommendations on the feasibility of those or other protective measures, taking into account damage thresholds, development phases, as the host plant and the pest, and others. in this case, their conclusions do not carry any gain or be commercially available plant protection products. From the completeness and timeliness of this information depends on the stability of yields of all crops.

Laboratory of “S-Rostock” in accordance with its tasks carries out the following services:

– mycological examination of plant samples;
– fitopatologichnaya examination of plant material – the identification of pathogens fungal diseases of plants, representing on their hazard threat of crops;
– entomological expertise – identification of species and determination of pests, pest determination of damages on the culture, forecasting its development, based on the calendar finologichnogo and development stage of the pest;
– fitogelmintologichnaya examination, which aims to identify infected plant material and soil parasitic nematodes, the determination of their quantity and species composition;
– advice on the application of remedies on the vegetative cultures;
– fitoekspertizy seeds and planting material, determining the quality of the seed;
– determination of the phytosanitary status of vegetables before storage and control it during storage.
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