History of creation

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“S-Rostok” – the leading vegetable company southern Ukraine, whose main activity is the production, storage and subsequent implementation of the vegetables on Ukrainian and foreign markets.
The main goal of our work – to provide customers and end-users a first-class products that meet international quality standards.
Our main competitive advantages are:
– cooperation with international seed companies, producers of plant protection products and irrigation systems;
– an integrated approach to the process of growing, subsequent collection and storage;
– lowest pesticide load (phyto monitoring its own laboratory to reduce the amount of insecticidal and fungicidal treatments);
– production chain control (track record);
– the conformity of products to European quality standards (HACCP, ISO 22000).
Our customers include well-known retail chains and processing companies with an impeccable reputation, as well as the local and export markets, which rely on our product quality and competent prices.
“S-Rostok” working closely with the regional and district administrations, as well as taking part in various social programs.

On the basis of the company created its own agricultural schools, whose main task is to solve the problems of shortage of staff in modern agricultural production and charity fund “Hand in Hand”, which aims to provide financial assistance and food nutrition of the population and budget organizations (schools, boarding schools, hospitals, gardens, military units) and to address local issues.