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Every year the company vegetables are grown on an area of 1000 hectares with drip irrigation and modern agricultural technologies.

      Our company has its own greenhouses for the cultivation of seedlings, which gives us the opportunity to grow personally planting and monitor the qualitative and quantitative indicators most seedlings. With the greenhouses we have the opportunity to cultivate a culture as celery, because it has a very long growing season, approximately 275 days. Also early hybrids grow tomato and cabbage (napa, cauliflower).

We also have several demonstration fields, which are cultivated about 50 hybrids.

Given the characteristics of the climatic zone and soil composition of a transition to monoculture cultivation.

Harvest – one with the most demanding and labor-intensive production technologies, which requires precise organization of the whole process. Our company uses technology intensive harvesting, which is defined as a set of techniques and methods which provide for agricultural products on the basis of the widespread use of mechanization and automation of production.