Drip irrigation

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Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation – a practical, useful and more economical method of irrigation for growing vegetables.

Our company uses drip irrigation technology for the cultivation of their products, the main advantages of this system is:

– The ability to achieve a higher yield. The soil in this can not be watering waterlogging, so the plant roots breathe freely under the ground, and the vegetables are ripening for 10-15 days before.

– An additional source of plant nutrition. fertilizer dissolved in water through the drip irrigation fall exactly on plant roots, and not on the ground beside it.

– The absence of risk of disease. With drip irrigation, plant leaves remain intact. This reduces the degree of leaf diseases that occur with the appearance of moisture on them.

– Easy harvesting. When using watering only moistened the soil under the plant itself and the land between the beds remain dry. This allows you to freely walk between the beds, process them and harvest.

– Prevention of soil erosion. The lack of surface runoff when drip irrigation with water eliminates the possibility of soil erosion, so drip irrigation allows using irrigation on slopes or areas with complex topography.

Our company enjoys irrigation equipment “Irrigator” company.